My Ideal Body In 12 - 12 Week Gym Programme

This programme provides you with a realistic goal that really helps you focus and become the winner you know you are.

You Get Written Instructions and Video Instruction Of Each Exercise In The Programme.

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My Ideal Body In 12 - 12 Week Gym Based Training Programme

The programme combines challenging body weight exercises (promoting increased strength and fat loss and improving general conditioning) with focused cardio workouts that are designed to improve fitness with progressive weights exercises to build and tone muscle.

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My Ideal Body In 12

The plan includes five workouts a week, with two rest days.

This is designed for someone who is a gym member,  has knowledge of and experience of the gym and exercise and is driven to get results.


Full Programme Price £90 limited time only,  usually £270 (£90 per 4 week programme)


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