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3 Powerful Ways To Lose The Fat For Life At 40 And Above

3 Powerful ways to lose the fat for life and receive the body you have always dreamed of when you are over 40. Your very first step starts with the mind, your second step starts with the mind your very last step starts with the mind – ITS ALL ABOUT THE MIND AND BEHAVIOUR CHANGE

1. Your very first mindset shift is to value the relationship over the result.

You have to tell yourself that you are doing this challenge to become a better person to improve yourself become a better husband, wife, father, mother or whatever. That has to be part of your”reason why.”
There will be times when things will challenge you, when life put up overwhelming blocks. Its then that you have a decision to make, to carry on with some workable alterations to the programme routine or stop. But when you are clear on your powerful motive, it becomes a no-brainer you carry on with workable alterations.

2. Your second mindset shift is to take the expert advice and “make it work your way”

Here’s what I mean – I used to think that the way to be successful was to find successful people and copy their strategy for success. But during your journey you have to realise that you can be inspired by others, but then you have to create your own rules. Basically, to “make it work your way”. That’s what other people have done to lose the fat for life, if they hadn’t then they wouldn’t have their own set of rules. Be inspired by the formula and use it to make your own set of rules. Listen and you will understand that the formula for everyone is the same but with some slight personal differences.

3. Your third mindset shift is to listen to your inner self.

Begin to embrace the fear of change, the fear that you are losing something, the fear of “who am I going to become”. Begin to do something that you may have never done listen to your inner self for a sense of freedom and flexibility.
When your inner voice tells you, “I don’t know if I can do this”, answer yourself with “I will never know unless I do it” When your inner voice tells you “its time to stop” answer yourself with “success may be just around the corner”
When you positively challenge your inner voice, it becomes clear WHY. Why you must change, Why you want to lose the fat, Why you never want to go on another diet again, Why you have to do this for you. It isn’t until you begin to positively change your mindset that you will get started and reach the sensational goals you set for YOU.

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