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Weight Loss is Not About Diet And Exercise

Mindset Is Where Everything Begins

Mindset is an overlooked yet crucial part of the whole process to fitness success. Diet and exercise are key, but it’s the way you think and what you believe that gets you off the sofa. True enough when things become challenging, and they will become challenging therefore…

If its going to work at all, you need to find out “why”, as a result…
Everyone I know who has transformed, improved their body, taken control for life has found their “why”. You should too.

Ask yourself, Why do you want to lose weight, flatten your stomach, reduce your gut, hips and thighs and improve your health?

Be honest with yourself, do you want to look better in and out of your clothes? Do you want to be more confident? or do you want to simply improve your health?

Whatever your motivation it doesn’t have to be anyone else’s motivation. It just has to be completely honest and fit with your own values. It has to be truly yours and nobody else’s.

You can try to skip this step, but then you’re going to be starting off on the wrong foot. That will never last for long you will probably start a new fad diet like you always have and find yet again it does not work. That’s why most people who buy a gym membership in January give up after 3 weeks.

But when you’ve got your “why” nailed, the steps become far more clear.

As you can see from these video’s these people in them have worked on and are working on their WHY (mindset).

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