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My New Book – ‘You Want Results?’ 12 Weeks to Ideal Fitness for Over 40’s Women!

This 12 week coaching program is not just another diet, or exercise plan, it is a life changing transformation step by step process. This program includes Mindset Coaching, Nutritional Guidelines & Illustrated Exercises & Descriptions for women who are struggling with hormone weight, excess pounds or stubborn fat!

If you are sick of yo yo dieting or being overwhelmed by conflicting fitness advice, then this is the program for you. ‘If you’ve tried the rest, now try the best!’


Book Launch Special Offer….FREE Kindle version when you purchase the book, so you can take the program with you wherever you are!

****TRY BEFORE YOU BUY**** Click on the link for a free look inside the book to see if it’s for you! Stuart has helped thousands of people back to health and fitness, now let him help you…..

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